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[edgedancer spoilers] Best scenes/dialogues of Edgedancer


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I just wanted to have this thread to recall what great scenes edgedancer had.

There are a lot of moments in that novella.

My favourite ones are:-

+ "I want control..." The emotion and the context really brings the emotion out.  Particularly, if you are listening to the audiobook version.

+ The apple bite was quite a visual reference

+ Offering to eat Wyndle

+ The entire climax

+ Scene with Szeth

+ Pancakefulness

+ Nothing at all

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The whole thing. Especially "I'll bite you!" And "over the past three years, she had picked the most difficult places to enter. Then she'd snuck in.

" And eaten their dinners."

Never mind. That's in WoR.

But the ending of Edgedancer is absolutely amazing.

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Can't remember the exact wording, but I like when Szeth is rambling about how he's reached the point of madness, and Lift's response is "Oooooookay." It's almost like Brandon was making a parody of his own writing lol.

There are a lot of humorous moments. Like when Lift is trying to bargain with Wyndle to get him to read every single document in the library.


All right. Maybe I can get you one soul. Perhaps a tax collector...'cept they ain't human. Would they work? Or would you need, like, three of them to make up one normal person's soul?


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