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Khaladin & ChayShan

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Hello, I'm new here, and somewhat new to the cosmere. I have read the MB trilogy, the 2 SA, and Elantris. I'm really loving Sandersons works, and unlike GRRM, he publishes often, so yay!


Anyways, I have searched for this question, but haven't found this mentioned anywhere. If I missed it and this is a common idea I apologize in advance.

Is Khaladin's spear dance related to ChayShan in someway? 



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As far as I can tell, other than being both based on martial arts and fighting, not much. It looks like ChayShan I'd a way to unlock and access the Dor (or Investiture), and we pretty much know that Kaladin's access to his power (or Investiture) doesn't require dancing with a spear.

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