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Possible "Shards" page error

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I was reading on the coppermind wiki and saw this statement:

"At this point, all known magic in the cosmere is related to a Shard."

I am pretty sure this is wrong, as there is no shard currently associated with the Drominad system from the Sixth of the Dust story in Arcanum Unbounded. I was wondering if I was wrong, or if this should be corrected, and if it should are there any other magic systems not associated with a shard that should be included in the new statement, and how to go about updating the coppermind wiki.

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So First of the Sun is a non-Shardworld. Brandon's described it as having 'natural' magic as all planets were originally (by Adonalsium, or earlier) created with some investiture present. So really, it's the magic of Adonalsium rather than a particular Shard. You can probably say all magic in the Cosmere is due to Adonalsium, either himself or one of the Shards, but yeah I'd say that wiki is out of date (unless anyone has a creative way to interpret it).

Note we also see the same thing with Roshar. It's invested now, but spren and the ability for people and animals to interact with them magically were around from before the Shattering.



What differentiates a minor Shardworld like First of the Sun?

Brandon Sanderson

The amount of Investiture, and whether there is actually a Shard in presence.


I'm assuming there is not one there?

Brandon Sanderson

There is not one there.


So it's like a Splintered one from something else?

Brandon Sanderson

No what you'll find is that the worlds were all created with a level of-- a little bit of sort of ambient magic. What you'll find in worlds like that is things like, Shadows for Silence and things like this, the magic, it's not necessarily "people with magic" it's you can interact with nature...


So there is inherent investiture...

Brandon Sanderson

There is inherent investiture in every world created but you are going to see-- You aren't going to find Mistborn on a world like that but what you might find is a way there are magic aspects to the setting. Spren could exist on a world like that but they would be like the minor spren, you wouldn't find Syl, but you would find something like lifespren.


Windrunner17 (Reddit)

Hey Brandon!

I'd like to open by thanking you for changing the method of Szeth's death. When I read it the first time, Kaladin's actions in that moment didn't ring quite true for how I saw the character. I'm glad Kal does what he does in the revisions.

I have three questions, if you wouldn't mind. I'm trying to avoid the obvious RAFO's xD

1. Threnody and Scadrial are both noted as having unusally bright patches of stars in their skies. Are these two planets near to one another?
2. Did Ashyn ever have a Shard, or is its magic a natural manifestation akin to Threnody or First of the Sun?
3. As you've stated that the magic of First of the Sun is natural and independent of any particular Shard, what is the nature of the pool on Patji? Is it also a natural manifestation of magic, a Perpendicularity, or simply a pool like any other?


Thanks for taking the time to answer these questions, Brandon. I know you've always got family stuff, and writing, and all the other host of things that fill up a life to do, so it means a lot that you take the time to interact with us fans. Thank you for sharing your stories with us.


Brandon Sanderson (Reddit)

1. They are both seeing the same thing, yes.
2. RAFO on Ashyn, as--being in the same system as Roshar--there are going to be some spoilers relating to Stormlight in anything I say here.
3. It's a natural manifestation, but on a much smaller scale than you might find on other worlds.


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Shard needs a rewrite. That can be phrased better, I agree, @jackofnotrades. The last major overhaul of that article happened in... ugh. 2011, by me. So keep that in mind with most of the prose there. Someday I'll try to dig out time to rewrite it again. 

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