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Rand/Nynaeve vs Kaladin/Vin

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Team Wheel of Time

  • Rand al'Thor with callandor
  • Nynaeve al'Meara with all her ter'angreal

Team Cosmere

  • Current Kaladin,no shardplate but with 24 hours of stormlight and Syl 
  • Vin with 3 minutes of Atium and all other metals( the original 16 before Sazed did the switch )

All are blood lusted,but in character

Everyone knows how enemies' powers work

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How about 24 hours of stormlight ?? That is much of a threat for team Wot and Vin also has 24 hours metal (except for Atium)...I don't think it's an easy win for either team and the Cosmere team has massive speed advantage.

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Enclosed Kal in ball of solid air. Can't fly. Can't lash objects. Stormlight doesn't heal a kill shot.

Channelers can only be countered by people to fast for them to target, or who can use the same power to counter their weaves. 

Edit: Kal and Vin can win if they hit hard and fast and can hit them before they can channel. Otherwise their abilities aren't specialized in ways to counter the Channelers ability to neutralize everything they can do.

Edit2: the real issue here is a soft vs hard magic system. Kal and Vin are bound by rules to their magic. Rand and Nyneave have the ability to tie their opponents up in air, shoot fire, move through gateways, freeze burn, mind control... I mean, the One Power is written so that they could potentially do anything. Even if you limit them to weaves in the books the variety of options they have is ridiculous. 

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For fairness sake I'd say that Chromium and Shardblades would have to be able to effect weaves otherwise yeah, weaves of air to tie them up then balefire to finish them off.

As usual though it depends on starting conditions. Are the four just meeting in an arena to duke it out? Or are they aware of their target but not necessarily present (In which case Vin wins because she's the best assassin) How much time does each side get to prepare? Because if Rand and Nynaeve don't get rid of all their metals then I suppose Vin could probably murder them at the same time they kill her.

Putting Rand in any fight is basically going to give the same outcome though, especially if you give him Callandor as well.
Vin with the mists vs. Rand would be a nice match up, or Kal vs. Rand with no powers allowed.

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