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Hey everyone, I thought it was about time to register on the forums since I'm an undeniable Sanderson fan. To tell you a bit about myself, I used to read every novel I could get my hands on but after a while I began to feel like all the books that I was reading were basically just iterations of the same story and I quit reading for a few years because I felt like video games had better, more unique, stories. I had a friend who kept telling me to read Mistborn though and after a while I gave in and I was amazed at how cool the magic system was. I have always liked thinking about magic systems and I loved that allomancy actually had rules to it, unlike magic in many other books. I read the whole series in about four days and decided to read Elantris next, which I loved, but was slightly dismayed to find that the magic system in that book was almost identical to one I'd been developing for an RPG I was playing with my siblings. I guess there really are no original ideas. Anyway, I've read everything but Wheel of Time now and I eagerly await more books. 


I'm not sure what you guys usually look for in an introduction but hopefully I covered it.

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