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Hello c:


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Hi! I'm no here so... uhm... how can I introduce myself? I was introduced to cosmere by a guy I met on holidays... (And now he's my boyfriend :D ) I really adore Sanderson's way of writing and the way he tackles society/civilisation problems, I view him as the most left-wing writer I ever discovered :D
Also I do art (http://wcqaguxa.deviantart.com) so after spring exams I'll probably do some fanarts :)

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This boyfriend of yours wouldn't by any chance be on this website now would he?

...omg your art is amazing...I'm jealous :P

Welcome to the shard me casa su casa (not saying I own the place :P ) but make yourself at home, have a cookie and an upvote and you'll fit right in. And so will my sp- 
What's your favourite sanderson book? (I'm going to take a wild guess and say it's Stormlight archive XD)

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No, my bf's not here, he actually wasn't deep into cosmere theories and I discovered it all for him, but well it's sill true that I haven't heard of Sanderson earlier :')

Glad you like my art, I wanted to study animation at some point in my life so I was attending lots of lessons up to 20 hours weekly (aside of attending regular High School :') )
But despite that I failed art school exams and now art is just a hobby, as I now study Cognitive Science.

Well I don't have a favourite book. I just... love all of them, all the secrets of cosmere. I can't jugde them, I just enjoy the story :D

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