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Struggling Anyone?

Cosmere Savant

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So so far in the Stormlight Archive each character has struggeled with some concept or flaw about themselves and over the course of the book they either come to terms with it or overcome it. And I was wondering what struggels will be faced in Oathbringer?


Way of Kings:

Kalladin struggeled with his protectiveness and his seeming 'curse' of staying alive when everyone he tries to protect dies.

Shalladn struggeled with her loyalties to her brother and her love of study.

Dalinar struggeled with his own sanity and and his reliance on the visions and in the end there falsehood


Words of Radiance

Kalladin struggeles with his hatred for Amaram and overcoming the urges for vengeance he feels

Shallan struggeles with facing the fact that she killed her parents

Dalinar struggels with letting go of power and giving authority to others and letting it stay given


Oathbringer? This is were the theorizing starts

Kalladin I think will struggle with the fact that he is now a lighteyes and will in the end have to give up his prejudices against lighteyes

Shallan will start developing split-personality disorder where her Veil identity starts developing more and more of a personality by itself (you even hear her talking about Veil in the third-person in Words of Radiance during the Chasm walk)

Dallinar will start reverting back to the violent ways of his youth what with letting Adolin begin dueling again, courting (Navine? Navanah?) and the revelation that his son killed Sadeas he will start becoming the Blackthorn in earnest.

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My thoughts on each characters struggles in the upcoming books:

Kaladin will struggle with his new status as a Radiant and what it means to be standing at the top of the food chain. He has spent a lifetime hating those in charge, so now he is in charge, he'll realized things aren't as easy as they seem. He will also struggle with the notion not all persecuted individuals deserves protection. He might also have to come to terms with the fact darkeyes aren't morally better than lighteyes.

Shallan will struggle with her double identity as both a Radiant and a Ghostblood. I suspect the story arc with her family will wrap up within the next book and since her family has been compromised by Odium, I think it may be she'll have to take out one of her brothers. Maybe. She will also struggle with the new organisation of the Radiants and she'll struggle accepting Dalinar's lead as his rigidity will ruffle her the wrong way. She will also struggle as to her personal feelings towards two young men wondering what is truth and what is lie.

Dalinar will struggle with bringing unity not only to Alethkar, but to the world. He will realize he may need to make compromises if he wants everyone to work together. He will also struggle to comprehend being guiding means accepting others might make mistakes, forgiving and helping the lost ones find their ways again. He will struggle accepting others ways might be different than his own. In other words, he will struggle accepting Adolin is his own person and not a blank canvas into which to impose his will. He will struggle with his sons, both of them, but mostly Adolin. I think his feelings for his eldest are going to further explored as Dalinar might have to weight out the price of unity against the life of his son. He once said he would see each one of his men die to prevent a Desolation, but becoming such a despotic tyrant would doom the world just as well as any Desolation. He will struggle into finding this middle ground: the one where he gets done what needs to be done and the one where he ensures humanity survives in a decent state of mind.

Adolin will struggle with his guilt, with falling his father, with breaking his father's rules and codes. He will struggle at falling at being what he thought he had to be for the sake of his family. He will struggle into finding whom he is supposed to be and what he truly stands for. For the first time in his life, he'll be forced to himself and not the man his father expects him to be. He will also struggle with losing Sureblood, he will struggle with horses in general. He will struggle with his family all being Radiants while he was deemed unworthy. He will struggle in keeping a sense of worth now basically every event in his life has confirmed he wasn't worth much. He will struggle in fighting the Desolation, without the help of the Thrill, in his unpowered state as the creatures it will sprout aren't meant to be fought by regular man. However, since they are running down on Radiant, Adolin might end up being pitched against monsters he can't defeat. He will struggle with his own powerlessness. All in all, he'll struggle a lot in the next book.

Renarin will struggle with being a Radiant, with having status and, for once, having responsibilities. Him whom was never asked to contribute will finally realize duty comes at a price. He will struggle accepting whom he is and he will struggle at finding his new place. He might also struggle with what he sees, with his visions and perhaps with his brother. Now he is the strong invulnerable one, he might struggle accepting it.

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