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I am introducing myself as requested. I'm a cosmere fanatic and have been for years!  I love this site and sit in awe of the insightful threads and topics!  You all comprise a phenomenal community which I'm excited to join. I am impressed with depth of theories and speculations covered!  I keep hoping I find my spren soon, as I know he/she is out there. 

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6 hours ago, Patterns of Wyndle said:

I'm a social worker helping the homeless so I think a cultivation would be perfect.  I do remember those who are forgotten, now I just need a spren to become awesome. :)

Eat that cookie, they offered you! (Trust me, they are great!) You might not get a spren but awesome things will surely start happening.


...like, hearing voices and stuff. I thing that's awesome enough. :D It's not a spren but you'll get someone to talk to anyway, so :D 

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