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Hello all

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Hi everyone newbie here just wanted to say hello and thanks for having me. I'm what u might call a new Brandon Sanderson fan for about a year or two (I still feel I've barely scratched the surface) started out with the original  mistborn trilogy when my boss lent me the set and after about 3-4 chapters I decided that I would read everything ever written by the man and learn all that I could hence joining here Were I'm told the experts hang out :-).  Thanks again. 

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Hey figberts so far I've read mistborn, secret history, elantris, warbreaker and just finished the wheel of time (can't get enough). Now I'm reading the arcanum unbound then debating either starting the reckoners or doing my first re-read of Stormlight. Any suggestions?  And yes the cosmere has me :) oh and white sands is on my list aswel. 

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Welcome to the Shard! I'm sure you will enjoy your stay here. We here are all Sander-crazy. Here, have a cookie. It's filled with all the Hemalurgic goodness that your body needs to thrive on the 17th Shard. :P

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