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Cognitive Shadows/Unkeyed Metal minds



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Good question. I'd say it depends on the specifics of how medallions work and what Cognitive Shadows are, both of which are still mysteries, so I can't give you a true answer. I can see both sides, though.

  • For: We do know that the medallions interact with your sDNA (and trick it into thinking you have abilities you don't), and even though Kelsier lost his abilities when he became a Cognitive Shadow, I don't think he lost his spiritweb entirely. As I understand them, Cognitive Shadows are when a Physical aspect of a person has split off, but their Spiritual and Cognitive are still being held together (due to effects of holding too much Investiture). So, as long as Kelsier still has a Spiritual aspect, he should be able to use medallions.
  • Against: The Physical component is still important for medallions. It requires you to touch something, to come in physical contact with the medallion, and Kelsier can't physically touch anything because he lost his Physical component. Even if he could get abilities, many manifest on the Physical Realm; strength, weight, etc. Even if he could use Spiritual Feruchemy, I don't think he'd be able to use Physical Feruchemy.

So, there are a lot of Realmatics behind this question, and I think either answer is plausible. We'll have to wait until we get more information on both subjects, medallions and Cognitive Shadows to know for sure. (Guess we'll be waiting 'til Secret History 2!)

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Nazh's knife was the reason I was thinking it would work. I was thinking that maybe Kel could use something like the medallion to return to the physical realm. Maybe through identity or connection. 


We already know he knows about them and how to make them


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