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New Zelda Timeline(Part 1)

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Hello! My friends and I were dissatisfied with the original Zelda Timeline, so we made a new one. It actually makes a ton of sense. Hopefully, you guys feel the same way. Feel free to ask questions.

Our timeline starts in the middle of Ocarina of Time. If you guys have played it, you'll remember that the royal family has the Ocarina of Time in their possession. After Link pulls the Master Sword and Ganondorf receives the Triforce, the royal family travels back in time, but Ganondorf follows.

This leads us to the first game in the timeline, The Wind Waker. In here, Link is a young boy and the old kingdom of Hyrule is submerged. The Zelda from Ocarina of Time is now the grandma, watching him grow. The pirates are villagers who stumble across the time portal. The next two games in the timeline are, of course, Phantom Hourglass and Spirit Tracks.

The fourth game in the timeline is The Minish Cap which takes place in New Hyrule, like Spirit Tracks. This is the first appearance of Vaati, a major part of our timeline.

The next game is Skyward Sword. In the ocean, where Hyrule once was, the Demon King Demise forms from the stone remains of the Ganon from Wind Waker, due to the magical properties of the water and the Master Sword. The goddess Hylia raises New Hyrule into the sky, creating Skyloft. Vaati reincarnates for the first time, as Ghirahim, Demise's servant. At the end of the game, Link and Zelda start the kingdom of Hyrule, while Groose starts the Gerudo clan. Also connecting this is the Koloktos. In The Wind Waker, Tingle is in jail. Long ago, Tingle discovered the secret of immortality, which started the Brotherhood of the Mask. The Rich Man was part of this Brotherhood. He sells Tingle out, and in revenge, Tingle kills his daughter. The Rich Man loved his daughter, so to try and remind himself of her, he built the Koloktos, trapping her soul in it. Remember, it sounds like a child.

After Hyrule is refounded, many, many years pass. Demise reincarnates as Ganondorf and arrives in the Twilight Realm. Vaati has his first encounter with the Brotherhood, strikes a deal, and returns as Zant. They start the Twili Civil War, leading to Twilight Princess. Well, I'll end right now. Part Two tomorrow!

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