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Hi! I'm new here!

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Hi! I'm new here! My name is Alena, and I've been a Sanderson fan for a while now, but have finally managed to become a part of the 17th Shard, and I'm so happy to be here! I've read most of the Cosmere based stories and books (excluding most of those in Arcanum Unbounded, and The Bands Of Mourning, which I have yet to read). I am extremely new to the Cosmere idea, as I just knew of its existence within the last year. I am currently re-reading the Cosmere-based books to study the Cosmere, its history, and its main "players." I am awed by the extensive information and history behind it, and I hope to gain knowledge of the whole picture (or, in our case, what we have of it so far) on this site. Hope to get to know some of you, and I am so excited to begin discussing topics and learning new things! 


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Hey! Welcome to the forums! It's always great to see new people around here :) 

I belive you can access The Enperor's Soul for free online, if you like. It's one of the ones in AU, so I figure there's a chance you haven't read it yet 

How'd you find out about the Cosmere? Which books are your favorite? If you could be a twinborn, which 2 metals would you use? What about if you couldn't compound?

I'm sure you'll have a wonderful time here, so long as you avoid the cookies. Cookies tend to Ruin your appetite :ph34r: 

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