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Nightblood, again. (I know)



night blood is a sword. He speaks and was the command for the awakening for the sword "destroy evil"? or was it like a lifeless command? And isn't nightblood a shard? A sentient (okay semi-sentient) collection of power?


Anyway, I've been thinking about the similarities of spren and breaths.

The commands can't just be what was said. it was the intent behind the power, i believe. when it was first discovered or used it stayed the same. Spren act very similarly.

Does anybody else see this correlation? 


So two questions. three really.

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As with any command, the Intent behind it is very important. Nightblood differs to whomever is holding him and their definition of evil, because he does not have that definition himself. Nightblood is not a Shard, though he is one of the most Invested objects in the Cosmere other than Shards and their ilk. He was created by thousands of Breaths, as well as probably something from another Shard's Investiture, which leads to "corrupt Investiture" (i.e. the black smoke that is visible when he's around).

About spren and Breaths, the spren on Roshar are mostly what we call "Splinters" of a Shard of Adonalsium, as the result of a Shard either dying and being Splintered (like Honor), or a self-Splintering or a Shard in order to Invest their power. This second type is what we observe in Warbreaker. Endowment (the Shard there) willingly Splinters her power in the form of the Divine Breaths, attaching them to Cognitive Shadows, and thus bringing them back to life. This is how the Returned function. Regular Breaths are not the equivalence of spren, the Divine Breaths are.

Hope that clears up some stuff for you, feel free to ask for clarification if I confused you.

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Nightblood is an attempt to create a Shardblade using the Nalthis Magic....and indeed Nightblood is a type of Shardblade, an unique type build with a different kind Magic.

She is actually like a "robot-spren" or "frankenstain-Spren" made by 1000 Breath and possibly other kind of Investiture.

In Realmic Theory the "living investiture" is called "Splinter" and Spren, Divine Breath, Nightblood and other beings are actually Splinters.

Nightblood is an artificial Splinter created by placing together Investiture and forcing them to gain self-awares througth Awakening. There are theories about the reason of Nightblood's creation and working. But for now they are only theory so I will avoid to place them here in an Q&A topic.

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