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Norse/Greek/Egyptian/etc. Thread


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The windy city. Thorn was here by will of his father Loki. To gather Venti and other foreign monsters in preparation for ragnarok.  

Thorn sighed, looking around the city. It was truly a daunting task, especially when he was unable to use his magic. It was like running a marathon with both his legs sawed off. Well technically he was still capable of doing magic, but the end result would be disastrous

Loki had masked his presence from Ullr, but the dude was literally the god of hunting. Any extreme burst of magic on Thorn’s end would have the same effect as bleeding near a school of sharks. It would bring Ullr right on his heels.  

One really did not want Ullr on their heels.

Thorn’s phone buzzed, causing him to flinch. Their where very few people that Thorn had intrusted with that number-phones were dangerous- and there was definitely no one he wanted to deal with right now. Sighing, he reluctantly reached into his pocket and took out his phone. Then he snarled, causing the mortals around him to give with a wide berth. It was from Randolph Chase. Thorn had barely even reached the city, and Loki was already interfering.

You understand the gravity of the situation. Magnus has received the sword from the Draugr. This means that I will be free within the week, thanks in no small part to your sisters. I need that army now. Do not fail me.

Thorn stood there, feeling a mixture of shock and appal. So soon. Thorn was ineffectively trying to process what Loki’s freedom would mean for the world when a second message appeared on the screen.

Oh, and don’t worry about using your powers. I have temporarily distracted Ullr.

Thorn smiled for the first time in what felt like forever. Not being able to escape human form had been painful, to say the least. Thorn would do his duty, and think about how he would deal with Loki later. Perhaps control of the army would give him leverage.

He looked around. A male teenage wearing a blue t-shirt that had the letters SPQR was staring at him, but other than that he was ignored.Thorn disregarded the teenager-mortals had trouble seeing magic-then jumped about thirty feet off the ground.

In the air, he transformed into an eagle. His eyes grew sharper. Downbelow him, the teenager looked up him in shock. Thorn wondered he was one of the few whose eyes could pierce through the mist. Maybe he was a demigod.

It made little difference and Thorn quickly put the boy out of his mind. He began making his way toward Millennium Park.

Venti were literally devil-horses made of stormclouds, literally caos made incarnate. How hard could it be to convince them to join the war that would lay waste to the nine realms?

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8 hours ago, Darkness Ascendant said:

Oh damnation! This is the rick riordan freeform RP u were going on about a while ago aye? Well in that case I'll join soon if you don't mind.

Go for it. I have not been free unexpectedly these last few months but I'm free now. Hopefully people are still interested. 

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8 hours ago, Patricksinger said:

Sure. You can play as whoever and have as many characters as you want. 

Well in that case, I am going to be a 16year old, 5"6, white, Greek demigod, named Fraen. Oh, also, I am a son of Hecate.


"What the heck?!" Fraen asked. "Did that guy just jump into the air and turn into a eagle," He continued to wonder out loud. "No, it was just your imagination," Lorel said sarcastically. "Now lets follow him," She said in a whisper.


That is my intro for my character, short, but sweet.

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I'm not much for RP myself, but I do love the world Riordan has created in his books, so this should be a fun read for me to check out here and there. There's supposed to be a 3rd Magnus Chase book eventually, so there might be more info into the Norse aspect of things you can bring in later.

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I love your Norse/Greek/Egyptian thread.!!!!:)

You obviously love Rick Riordan as much as I do!!!!!!!!:)

Can I pppplllleeeeaaaaasssssseeee play on the Norse/Greek/Egyptian thread!!!!!!!!!!:(

I need to!!!!!! I only read the first post and I'm in love with it!!!!!!!:(

I will join without your permission because you have not answered me.:P

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Julia, a brown haired, green eyed, seventeen year-old daughter of Demeter, looked up from her book, mildly interested by the guy who just flew down to the park as an eagle and turned into a normal teenager. Julia put her book into her never-ending backpack (like Leo's tool belt) and went to go confront the shape-shifter.

(The intro to my character)

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