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Hello Cosmere! what's your preferred System?


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Fellow Cosmere lovers it is an honor, truly, to make your acquaintanc . It took me reading the Stormlight archive again to realize this universe existed and I've been excited ever since. Though I first read the Mistborn series, reading SA as been an intriguing experience and doubly so the second time. Contrary to Arcanum Unbounded's opinion, my favorite system would have to be Rosharian, it just appeals more to my love for epic tales. I've no doubt you all have your own opinions and I like very much to know them. What's your favorite system? And while we're on the topic who is the "I" in Arcanum Unbounded?

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For me, I would probably go with feruchemy based on what we know currently. And that's mostly because feruchemy, once you get past the basic metals, seems incredibly adept at breaking all the things.

After that, probably a Knight Radiant, because I like what is essentially fantasy power armor. Not sure what Order yet, as I don't think Windrunner or Lightweaver suits me and we don't know much about the others. (Though falling for flying is pretty rad.)

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