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Games with mechanics/features that resemble the Cosmere


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Hi all,

I've noticed a lot of games that I play or watch, and just think "Oh, if they made a (Cosmere series) video game, this would be perfect to use!" So I just though it'd be cool to start a thread where people can showcase a particular mechanic or feature from a video game that would translate well into a game set in the Cosmere(A Mistborn game, Stormlight game, Warbreaker game, etc.)

Allow me to start this off with two clips. 


Gravity Rush 2 The main character uses what could very easily be a Surgebinder using Gravitation. Specifically Lashings. The little cat that materializes(Like a spren!) is just icing.


Teslagrad Character obtains a cloak(Mistcloak? :D) that allows him to do what could be called Steelpushes and Ironpulls.


Hope you all have some cool ideas to add!


(Edit: Link fixes)

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