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Vin's Sister


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35 minutes ago, Valtak said:

 Having her be another Skaa-born mistborn seems unlikely though. They are supposedly extremely rare, to the point where just having Kelsier and Vin was super shocking.

Yes but they both are daughters of Tevidian, who is the High Prelan and a Tekiel of a very pure line. So there is a lot more noble blood in them than other Skaa. 


4 minutes ago, turtle373 said:

she was probably just a seeker, but either way does it really matter?

 It might matter, because if Tevidian managed to get two Mistborns from a regular noble Skaa, then he has extremely pure blood that is very invested. Vin has a lot of raw talent using allomancy, being able to use it by instinct. This may be because they are descended from the Lord rulers children, which we know he had. If they are descendants of the Lord Ruler, then his contact with the power of Preservation would give them interesting effects with allomancy 

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Interesting point. We still don't know whether TLR had children before or after his ascension though. In addition, I would think that those born of him post-ascension would actually have weaker allomantic powers, not stronger ones, because of the interference between the allomantic genes and the feruchemical genes.

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I can believe that if he had children after the Ascension, they would have a good chance to have powerful allomantic powers. Dilution of the bloodline from the time the Lerasium was ingested by the original nobility has weakened the power, so it stands to reason that the Lord Ruler (who has full allomantic strength (and maybe then some)) would have powerful children, with them being second gen allomancers.

However, I don't think he had any children post-ascension. If he did, he SURELY didn't allow them to breed. He has devoted incredible effort to weed out the feruchemical genes. He possesses the feruchemical genes. He would not allow his children to reproduce, maybe going so far as sterilizing them if he couldn't bring himself to have them killed outright. He does NOT want another full feruchemist/allomancer to challenge him.

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