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Very Special Twinborn

ShardplateJoe III

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Hello all! This is my first post, and I am on mobile, so please excuse any errors I make.

Anyway, my friend and I are huge Sanderson fans, and we loved talking about the different magic systems and the best way to use them. We agreed that feruchemy is best for every day life, but being able to compound with allomancy would be absolutely amazing. We were bouncing ideas off of eachother of which metal would be the best to compound. Which got me thinking. 

What if Sanderson wrote a character that was mistborn naturally, but also a ferring? Or a full feruchemist and also a misting? What would be the most interesting combination of a mistborn and ferring in your opinions? Or full feruchemist and misting? How do think the best way to use these combinations would be?

Personally, I would be terrified if a mistborn with gold feruchemy was angry at me. Or able to compound mental speed. Gives me chills... 

Also, I have no idea if this topic has been discussed previously in another thread, so please forgive me for that.

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I´ll go with a mistborn with iron feruchemy, his control of push/pulls must be awesome, and compounding iron is a terrific power, also he can use iron to increase his pewter strenght increasing his mass or increase his pewter speed reducing his mass.

A full feruchemist pewterarm can store more health, speed and strength than a normal feruchemist, so that´s would be cool, or maybe a feruchemist who is able of compound investidure (although I am not sure what it would do), or identity, both must be really useful.

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