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Hello! I'm new!

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22 minutes ago, SylphrenaHonorSpren said:

Hello! After a few weeks of browsing the theories on this site, I've decided to join in! Sanderson is my very favorite author and I am so glad that this place exists. :) I look forward to Oathbringer's release and the many, many excited discussions that will follow. :) 

Welcome! Have an upvote!

You might want to decline the cookies, they tend to Ruin appetites (and spawn puns)

If you ever need anything, feel free to ask

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@DarkJester, sorry for the late response! Busy weekend. So far I've read all of Brandon's published works, aside from novels or novellas that are in electronic form. I know for certain I haven't read the Legion books, sadly. I'm currently re-reading the Mistborn series for the third time because I figured it would be good to read that plus Secret History to really gain perspective on Scadrial and its place in the Cosmere. It's a pleasure to meet you! :)

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