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Hugging Squirrels and Introductions, Brandon Con?


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New to this website, love all of Brandon's works except Alcatraz (though to be fair I have not given it a shot yet). Does anyone know if there is a Brandon Sanderson convention yet? I know there is a Jordancon every year for Wheel of Time fans, just wondering, cheers!


*hugging squirrels is fun, and required to be a poster in this thread! ^^ kupo-san?

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Bah! The cookies are barely spiked. Just one little spike. Hardly worth mentioning. There is way more flower, sugar and butter in them, but you don't see them being called flower, sugar, butter, chocolate-spiked oatmeal cookies. Just call it a cookie and let the ingredients live in Harmony. ;p

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On 1/7/2017 at 10:36 AM, Hemalurgic_Headshot said:

Welcome! Have an upvote.

To Preserve your sanity, don't eat the cookies and beware of puns.

They will Ruin you.

Thank you for that info, noted! I will try to attend one someday, cheers and have a good new year ^^

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