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Stick is a feruchemist


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Guys, Stick is a feruchemist. (Or at least a ferring)

Let me explain. 

Earlier today, I was thinking about the benefits of tapping Identity. Doing so, as I understand it, will make someone more confident in who they are. Then I realized that Stick is the being most confident in their own identity, repeating one thing over and over

I am a stick

Stick was so aware of who he was that he could resist being turn into something he wasn't. 

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1 hour ago, Figberts said:

Stick definitely has strong identity but I don't think it's Ferchemal. More likely it's some Roshian ability we don't know about yet. I mean, it's from a Rosharian tree!

Stick isn't necessarily from a Rosharian tree. Remember, Stick might be a Worldhopper

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