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The IRE [Secret History spoilers]


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While rereading Elantris, I took a look at the Aon dictionary and stumbled over the Aon IRE, meaning "Time, Age". Any thoughts about it being connected to the Ire in SH?

(Somehow an obvious similarity, so I searched the forum for it and didn't find anything - if there is something I didn't find, just pull this over there.)

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Oh yes, I'm pretty sure it's confirmed that the Ire group in Secrect History are a group from Elantris. There should be an article on Coppermind wiki: and here it is.
It doesn't have much though, mostly just what's in SH. We haven't really encountered them much yet; apart from in SH I think they're mentioned in one of Kriss' essays in AU, because they refuse to co-operate with her.

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Of note to the Aon itself being time or age, Brandon has used several variants of "old" and "very old" to talk about the Ire.

I don't know how much of a big deal that actually is, but I thought I'd point it out.

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