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Allright so i checked around for a topic on chasmfiends and... there arn't any so i made this one mainly to discuss them in general,  and to give updates and get suggestions on the fully animatible 3d model of a chasmfiend i am making in blender.  And to ask what color they are, becaucase for the life of me i cant find anything other than "a huge dark mass rising from the chasm" wich is way to vauge for a 3D model. (in my opinion) Well anyway all help is appreciated and awesome.


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The Chasmfiend killed by Dalinar and Elhokar had violet carapace and uniform green eyes. Like most Greatshells, it had violet, moldy-smelling blood.


Chasmfiends have a twisted, arrowhead-like face, with a mouth full of barbed mandibles. They are long and narrow, and have a flattened tail, somewhat resembling that of a crayfish. They have four foreclaws set into broad shoulders that are used as primary means of attack, and about fourteen smaller legs used for locomotion. They are capable of vocalization, and usually bellow with four overlapping voices at a time.

Also, from WoR: The beast filled the chasm. Long and narrow, it wasn't bulbous or bulky, like some small cremlings. It was sinuous, sleek, with that arrowlike face and sharp mandibles.

Edit: Also, Shallan. For the purpose of.. joints or something. Spoilered for Size




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Shallan's Drawing
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19 hours ago, aberrantGeek said:

Hi there! I found you via your sculpting youtube channel. I was wondering if you still have this model, and if it was available for use? 

Absolutely, I would love it if you used this model! Its attributed under the CC-BY 2.0 just give credit if you use it anywhere. I have a 3d print ready model here: https://skfb.ly/69zDp , and the normal non-manifold model here: https://skfb.ly/69yn6  


Just click the download button under the preview window. All of my daily sculpts have the same license and are downloadable.

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