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Secret History Unavailable for Purchase in All Online Locations


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Hi everyone, 

First, apologies if this is the wrong location for this post. Please let me know if there's a more suitable location (or, mods, feel free to move this thread there).

On the main web page, all of the e-book vendors for Secret History throw errors when following the links. The closest I can get is the free sample of Secret History on Google Play, though, curiously, that is only accessible by opening it from a link inside Bands; a search on the Google Play Store does not turn up Secret History (or the free sample, for that matter).

Within the sample there is a purchase button, but that brings me to a screen saying "this title isn't available in your country," even though I'm in the US.

General Google searches are also unproductive. 

Can anyone point me to a working site? 

Many thanks! 


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Unfortunately you're not going to find a working cite. Tor has the rights to it now, as part of Arcanum Unbounded. It's no longer sold on its own because Tor bought the rights to the whole collection. So for the foreseeable future, you can't buy just Secret History anymore. I'm not sure what your opinion on Stormlight or the rest of the cosmere is, but if you have an interest in either, I'd recommend Arcanum Unbounded. It's an excellent book.

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