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Cities in Shadesmar


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Okay, so we know based on the map of Shadesmar that the Cognitive and Physical Realms on Roshar look similar, except the land areas on the Physical Realm are "seas" on Shadesmar (probably the sea of glass beads that Shallan and Jasnah are familiar with), and the bodies of water on the Physical Realm appear to be stable land on Shadesmar.


We also know from Jasnah that spren have cities on Shadesmar.


Here's my question: wouldn't it make sense for the spren cities to be located on Shadesmar "land" (i.e. on Roshar waters)? So, does that mean that if Shallan and Jasnah travel to Shadesmar while they are still on Tozbek's ship, there's a chance they'll find themselves in a spren city?


Also, given the mysteries behind the Purelake, I wonder what they'll find in its Shadesmar equivalent. Could it perhaps be where Urithiru is located? Or perhaps it's on the Sea of Spears in Alethkar (since the Knights Radiant used to rule Alethela back in the day)?


Finally, we know that the Origin of the highstorms are somewhere to the east of Roshar (somewhere in the "Ocean of Origins"). Could that be the city where Syl is from? The city that Stormfather rules?


I hope we find out in a couple of months! :)



Post-WoR Edit: So, we got confirmation that travelling to Shadesmar while at sea results in being on Shadesmar land, which apparently is made of obsidian. Cool! Sadly, we didn't get to see any spren cities, and we now know that Urithiru is on the Physical Realm, hidden behind certain mountains on Roshar.

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I have moved this to the Words of Radiance board, due to it incorporating WoR content. :)


Whoops, sorry Chaos. I should've double-checked which tab I was on. Thanks for moving it!

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I'd just like to chime in with my perpetual doubts as to the accuracy of the Shadesmar map.


We have this WoB:



One thing to keep in mind about Shadesmar is that space where things are thinking is expanded, while space where there is nothing to think is contracted. In other words, in an empty void, you get almost no Shadesmar. This makes distances as we think of them very different there.




Personally, I think it strains credulity that the Cognitive landscape of Roshar would so closely mirror the Physical one.


That said, I like the rest.  Not enough to espouse, but it's certainly interesting.

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@WeiryWriter: Yeah, I too found that a bit odd about the Shadesmar map. Maybe planetary souls are considered "thinking" things, so Shadesmar would have a similar shape to the Physical Realm of the Shardworlds. Anyway, the important thing is that there seems to be land on Roshar-Shadesmar where bodies of water are on the Roshar Physical Realm.

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