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Recording an audiobook

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Hello everyone!  My writing partner and I are in the homestretch of self publishing our first novel and I'd love to record an audiobook version.  I do lots of recording and editing for my YouTube channel so I've got the technical side down fine.  I'm wondering if anyone knows of good resources for learning the performance side of the craft.  I've found a couple YouTube vids on the subject, but nothing robust enough to really dig into.

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First of all, congrats! As an aspiring writer myself, it is inspirational to hear fellow travelers on the same journey so close to the finish line. Good on ya, mate.

As to your question, I don't know any resources first hand, but I searched around google and found a podcast that seems to be on the subject... there are a bunch of episodes so you could dig in for a while I'd bet (if it's any good):


Best of luck to you.

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