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Adonalsium holder?


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just wondering if its been talked about whether or not adonalsium had a holder like his shards do.


also if it could be held by someone what if it turned out that hoid held it for a bit and shattered it himself.


and do you think there would be others like adonalsium in other galaxies and they could have shattered him like odim shatters his kind


i'm new here so if this has already been brought up forgive me

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The idea that Hoid held/shattered Adonalsium has been advanced quite a few times. I think the given consensus is that we just don't know enough to know for sure. 

What we do know for sure is that Hoid was there for the shattering, but I believe that's about it. 


Personally, I've built up in my head that Hoid very well might have been the Andonalsium holder (his line about putting a man back together again is too out of place and too poignant for me, as an example), but we just don't have enough to go on. 


As far as the existence of other Adonalsiums, that could be interesting. An ever increasing ranking like that seems like something Brandon would do. A lot of the characters that we expect are secondary roles turn out to be major players. Also, we know there was a force that opposed Adonalsium and that it still exists. 


I don't know. Either way, it feels a little cliché to me. Either the power goes on forever with no end or we have a battle of dualities. I suspect that Brandon will shake our expectations in the end though. 


On another note: Welcome to the Forum! 

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What's the source for this please?

1) Before Adonalsium shattered, was it consciously opposed by something, be it people or another cosmic force? Is whatever opposed it still around?


1) Yes. Yes.


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