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Red spren and Eshonai interlude connection


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I was reading the latest Kaladin when I came across this




“Spren like red lightning,” Syl said softly. “Dangerous spren. Spren I haven’t seen before. I catch them in the distance, on occasion. Stormspren? Something dangerous is coming. About that, the glyphs are right.”


After reading this , I remembered the Eshonai chapter which closes with discovery of stormform, So it may be that these spren may be bonding with parshendi to form stormform...


So maybe the parshendi are converting to stormform in masses causing a large number of these spren to appear...



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Yes, I also made the connection and posted the other day about that:

* Syl never saw the red lightning spren before, and she did not react as when she heard the name "Odium" - I doubt they are spren directly influenced by Odium. Maybe they are more like "anticipation-spren", or maybe they are the storm-spren attracted by the Parshendi, to be used for their storm-form?

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