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Hello, New Sharder here


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Hey guys, I picked up Way of Kings last year and since then i have Elantris, Words of Radiance, Warbreaker, Mistborn (Era 1 and Wax and Wayne)

I am completely obsessed with the cosmere and i have spent a ton of hours just going through the various theories on here and I love every minute of it and keep constantly checking for any new ones.

Thanks to everyone involved in this site for making it as amazing as it is!


On another note, do fans of Sanderson have a name for ourselves? as ive been using sharders

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Welcome to the Shard! Have an upvote.

Congratulations on reading Brandon's books. They. Are. Awesome! Stormlight, in my opinion, is his best work.

We can call ourselves Sharders here, but we're better known as Sanderfans. I just say "Hey Sharders!" whenever I start a new topic, other than that, I use Sanderfan. You're welcome to use both!

Welcome again, and just a warning, don't eat the cookies!!!

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On 3-8-2016 at 2:52 AM, Elenion said:

The cookies are Ruined (and you can infer why).

As fan names go, I prefer Sharders for members of this forum and Sanderfans for the general community.

And have the customary upvote.

The cookies are delicious, I don't know what you're talking about. they are also healthy, they contain lots of minerals.

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