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A realization about Spirit that took me way too long to realize

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So as I was trying to fall asleep last night I remembered that some of Aonic names are in fact built around Aons. I remembered that in Raoden's name it's Aon Rao... And isn't Aon Rao the power amplifier of Elantris?

Doesn't it mean "Spirit"? Isn't Raoden's guise "Spirit"?

I checked today and it turns out I remembered right. I don't know if I'm just the only one not to catch that instantly or that nobody has ever figured it out yet (I tried searching).

Anyway, it seems that Raoden chose "a totally not suspicious, not significant nickname" which had totally no links to his name. It's like he was begging to be recognized :D

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Just now, BeskarKomrk said:

This is actually mentioned in the book itself. That's one of the things that leads Galladon to realize that Spirit is, in fact, Raoden (Elantris Chapter 10).

Now I just feel stupid. Too long since I read Elantris.

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