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Sanderson Setting Conversions

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A while back in The Herd, Quiver and I would talking about what an MLP port for Mistborn would look like. This thread follows a similar idea. What would this book look like in that setting? Since I want to continue the previous discussion in a place more visible, I have quoted the relevant posts.


On 7/9/2016 at 7:49 AM, Quiver said:

So, remember how Vin was ponified a while back?

So, now I'm trying to figure out how to ponify the world of Scadrial.

(My motives are self-serving; I want to try and get enough info to play a pony themed Mistborn game somewhere).

Any suggestions? Hemalurgy certainly would add a creepy element to Alicorn Acension... 


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I suppose, start with the big thing; alicorns. The obvious comparision would be the paint Celestia as the Lord Ruler; ie, alicorns are unnatural, and the result of heamlurgy. I'm actually conflicted on that; on the one hand, I've always pictured Celestia and Luna as slivers. On the other hand, a benevolent Tyrantlestia might make for a fun story, especially if it does seem to be drawing parrallel's with Rashek?



On 7/12/2016 at 8:17 AM, Quiver said:

I don't really want to do astraught one to one conversion; if that were the case, why not just use the Canon settings? What I think I'm aiming for is...

More like, the situation of Mistborn, in the world of Equestria?

Some stuff I am considering for Mistpony:


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- Celestia is Rashek parallel. But, I'm viewing her tyranny as more of...a cloying paternalism, rather than outright oppression. The mantra of Love, Tolerance and Friendship, taken to an oppressive extreme, rather than (open) slavery and brutality. 

- Inquisitors, I'm thinking are her formers students; ponies who could have ascended, so Tia gave then an added push n the form of hemalurgy. Thinking of the leader of the group being Starswirl, with Cadence and Sunset as Inquisitors. Twilight would, I suppose, be the Marsh of the group; an obligatory who gets ear marked and transfered over.



On 7/12/2016 at 8:51 AM, Silverblade5 said:

Sorry, mind is currently stuck in character conversion mode

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Instead of mist, there's chocolate milk 


Kelsier = Twilight 

Spook = Fluttershy

Applejack/Big Mac = Ham/Clubs

Demoux = Granny Smith (Admin)

Crystal Ponies = Obligators?

Centaurs = Inquisitors (Tirek steals magic)

Sombra = Lord Prelan

The conflict is Celesta vs Discord

Rashek = Twilight (Cel's number one student, trying to fix what she broke)

Because twi is taking the role of Rashek, Luna can be Kelsier 

Could changlings be a sub for Koloss?


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