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So what is duralumin's default Connection?



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2 hours ago, Edgedancer said:

So simple question, what kind of Connection does duralumin actually default to? The Ars Arcanum implies connection to other people, Bands of Mourning implies location.

It's possible there isn't a "default connection"...like the Tin Feruchemy.  You can store a "type of Connection" like Tin allow you to store "a kind of sense".

Or maybe the "default one" is the main kind (if there is something like that) that change from person to person (it would be interesting to ask the same thing with Tin, what do you store in tinmind to default ? Because it's more easy to recive an answer)

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The other possibility is that storing connection is both, but stripping the Connection of a feruchemical Identity makes the connection to the land more obvious than the connection to other people, while storing connection to other people might be the most obvious effect when a feruchemist uses their own keyed duraluminminds.

Basically, we haven't seen it in action or had it explained enough to know details of how it works at this point.

The Ars Arcana often present the understanding at the time, so it seems reasonable that Duralumin could split into several different types of connection, and that initially all they'd discovered was connection to other people. Rife for speculation! ;)

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Neither, it connects to souls.

From Emperor's Soul-



“To Forge the table, I must understand it as a whole. The same goes for a wall. That wall has existed long enough to view itself as a single entity. I could, perhaps, have attacked each block separately—they might still be distinct enough—but doing so would be difficult, as the wall wants to act as a whole.”

“The wall,” Gaotona said flatly, “wants to be treated as a whole.”


“You imply that the wall has a soul.”

“All things do,” she said. “Each object sees itself as something. Connection and intent are vital. This is why, master Arbiter, I can’t simply write down a personality for your emperor, stamp him, and be done. Seven reports I’ve read say his favorite color was green. Do you know why?”


People and the land are both objects with souls, and it connects to both. It may just be that countries have unusually strong souls, and so blank connection easily connects to it.

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