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How does Brandon determine which cons he goes to?

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I am jealous as all hell about everybody who lives in Phoenix right now (and its basically summer in Chicago right now, so it's not due to weather) and I'm just wondering how Brandon determines which comic cons he goes to?


I'd love to see him at a Chicago one - Pat Rothfuss was at C2E2 2015, but Chicago conventions seem pretty void of fantasy authors which is disappointing because they are my JAM (more so than comics, and slightly more so than Anime). I was happy to find some signed Brandon books at C2E2 this year, but otherwise, no dice.


Just wondering if there was a rhyme or reason to it and if I need to start emailing the various conventions and demanding that they book Brandon, haha.

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There are a lot of factors that go into it, but the number one thing is that the con has to actually invite him as a guest, fly him in, etc.  Different cons will often focus on different genres/media, so there's a wide variety out there.  The larger the con, the more guests they can afford to have.


Then you also have factors like schedule; working around his signing tours, the classes he teaches, and family.  Not to mention the fact that he needs to have time to write.

Nobody can do every con; it's just not possible.  Many authors will have "favorites" that they attend regularly (for Brandon, JordanCon is definitely high on that list) and then try and spread the rest of their convention allotment out and move around so they get a chance to visit different places and different fan enclaves.

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