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Pokemon RPG


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So... the trailer for Pokemon Sun/Moon was released, which was cool.


And, it kinda made me think, 'Hey! Pokemon is a popular franchise! Why not see if anyone is interested in a PBP of it?'


So... here we are. Would a Pokemon RPG have any interest for people? 

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izzy found her way through the grass, plodding slowly. she puffed up and floated for a moment, before landing with barely any impact. her friend, a lucario named lucy, went missing a while ago. izzy was trying to find lucy. she thought she saw a foot landing in the grass, and so izzy tried to hid. she was about the side of a human fist.


it might not be a trainer, she tried to tell herself.


of course it would be. why else would izzy see a broken pokeball next to lucy's abandoned house? she hadn't gone down without a fight. that made izzy happy, to know that her friend was brave enough to try to escape being forced into slavery. she knew some pokemon preferred the battle life, but lucy would never do that. 


the two of them like their freedom. 


izzy followed the foot prints leaving from lucy's house. it passed by her own shelter, so she packed up a small number of supplies for the journey. she hoped she would find lucy soon, but izzy doubted it. 

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