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Howdy! =)

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I realize I've been posting a lot lately, but also realized I've never said hello to everyone officially! =)


One of my closest friends recommended I read the Wheel of Time a few years ago, and I couldn't make it through more than the first half of the first book.  I swore I'd never allow him to recommend a book to me again.


Then he recommended Mistborn to me, which I said was his absolute, final, last chance before I revoked his recommendation card forever.  I can be intense like that  :P


Needless to say, it was one the of the best stories I'd ever read, and I quickly gobbled up everything Brandon has written in the cosmere (and even The Reckoners which, dang it, REALLY seem like they could be)!  I was blessed to meet Brandon on his Calamity tour earlier in the year and, even though my friend moved to Alabama, I made sure he shared in the moment with me by FaceTiming him in to meet Brandon together with me.


I've never been an online forum person before, but I really enjoy these stories (and theorizing about stories and puzzles a la LOST) and I look forward to being a regular poster here with you all!

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Hey! Welcome to the forums, even if you have already been here awhile. I'm assuming you know about the cookies offered in welcoming threads (long story short, don't take them). What's your favorite Sanderson book so far?

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I can honestly say that I fall in love with every world again each time I re-read one of his books! I like Elantris (mainly because I feel like I've got a really good hunch about the two shards' pasts there), but the Stormlight Archive is just so epic! Warbreaker would possibly be my favorite, but we have so little information about the world on which it takes place that, until we get more, will just feel incomplete to me. Mistborn will always be the book that got me started on this amazing world, and the original trilogy is just hands down one of the best progressions of plot I've ever read.

If I had to put a finger on one, it'd be Words of Radiance because I feel we learn the most about greater Cosmere events from it. That back story is my favorite and I'll be enjoying Brandon's books for decades to come until it al unfolds! =)

What about yours? What's the long story about cookies? :-P

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Mine has to be HoA. It's rare enough you see a book without gaping plot holes, and in HoA Sanderson put the finishing touches on an entire trilogy that was practically watertight (I get slightly CDO about plot sometimes, in case you couldn't tell). I also loved the magic systems and the focus on consequences, as well as the character development. The Mistborn Trilogy is probably my favorite trilogy of all time (so far, at least). After that, I'd have to go with Emperor's Soul. It just has such good characterization and an amazing theme, plus an interesing well of information on Relmatic theory.

And the spikes give you powers (sort of) in exchange for your soul. They aren't really powers, just kinda funny abilities.

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