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This is a game of many Epics. Players are free to create their own characters; however, as some of these players have had to leave the game for various reasons, their characters were left behind. These Epics are now up for adoption. 


If you're a new player, you're free to create your own characters. However, if you would like to play with an Epic, please consult this list first. There are many options here, and it is possible to adapt or retcon an abandoned character's powerset to a point.  


Portland Epics: 


Upgrade: Capable of increasing the effectiveness of anything on contact. Knives become sharper, bombs become more destructive, Epics become more powerful. Current alignment: The Dominion (under Corpsemaker)


Mundivore: Perfect body. Immune to physical damage, including disease; doesn't need to sleep or eat. Ask Cognizantastic for permission before adopting. Current alignment: The Dominion


Steetwise: Can connect with cities, making him a one-man surveillance system. Powers negated by floating buildings (which, believe it or not, are a very real danger in Portland). Current alignment: The Dominion 


Leech: Able to drain attributes from his "people", like health or strength, and he keeps them near him to do so. They follow willingly. Current alignment: The Dominion


Collaborate: Becomes stronger and tougher the more people "follow" him. Current alignment: The Dominion


Murphy: His prime invincibility ensures that when it comes to threats, anything that can go wrong, will. If an army attacks him, their guns will jam and their pants will fall down. Current alignment: The Dominion 


Soulswitch: An Epic capable of dissolving his own body and possessing animals or not Epic people. Currently works for Penumbra, who in turn is a member of the Empire of Light. Ask Voidus for permission before adopting.


Parity, who can absorb color out of objects to create orbs that either have healing or destructive powers. Allignment: Empire of Light.


Night-Mare: A Thoughttown Epic capable of turning her own shadow into dangerous horse constructs. Ask Mailliw for permission before adopting.


Kathy/Flamethrower: A fire Epic alligned with Thoughttown. Ask Mailliw for permission before adopting.


Dalles Epics:


Ozymandias: Capable of extreme speeds, including an accelerated perception, dissolving objects by increasing their entropy and regenerating. Tecnically unaligned but tending towards the city guard.


Hydron: Hydrokinetic that can accelerate his healing by submerging himself under water. Allignment: City guard.


Event Horizon: Gravity manipulator that can create points of strong gravitational pull, while also altering how gravity affects him. Allignment: Slivers (Quicksilver)


Sunspot: An Epic capable of emiting sunlight from his body, ranging from simple illumination to concentrated laser beams. Alligned with Frequency's cult.


Blindside: An Epic capable of switching position with people that he knows the exact location of. Alligned with Frequency's cult.


Astoria Epics:


Blackwave: A mighty High Epic pirate that has come to Astoria to collect a bounty on Bloody Mary's head. He not only has a fearsome crew but is also equiped with a wide array of powers, ranging from water manipulation in both on a small and the large scale, powerful healing and a bundle of minor powers to go along with them. Ask Edgedanver for permission before adopting. Allignment: Anti-government faction


Sharkbait: The first mate of the Tidebreaker under Blackwave, capable of bringing sharks under his command and merging them into his own consciousness, not only to be controled like a part of his own body but also to be drained of physical attributes for the sake of their master.


Wandersial: The navigator of the Tidebreaker, possessing not only the ability to create minor storms but also inherently knoes her own location, as well as the cardinal diractions.


Lockvault: An Epic with the ability to place objects into an alternate dimension for storage, preserving them in their current state, as well as multiple abilities to enhance his mental capabilities. Currently works together with the Adventurer, an Epic under the assumption that life is a video game. Ask Voidus for permission before adopting.



Timelock: A time manipulator that can alter the flow of time for himself, other objects or within areas.

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