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Hi, I'm Jemron


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Hey everybody, I met some of you hardcore BWS fans last night/yesterday at the WoK release party.  I was the redheaded guy with the Stormblessed.com t-shirt.

I'm excited to be a part of the community.  I'm overwhelmed and humbled by you awesome knowledge of BWS and his amazing books.  Hopefully I will one day have that knowledge  :D

I'll be here and on Stormblessed.com regularly, hopefully for years and years to come.


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Hi, Jemron!  I've seen you over on Stormblessed, welcome to the forum!

SO envious!  It sounds like the release party was wonderful. 

I have a fond fantasy that Brandon moves to Illinois and starts to have his release parties at Peace of Mind Books in Edwardsville... but since that won't happen, I'll be saving my nickels for the 44 hours of round trip driving for the book 2 release  :D

So how was it?  What happened?  I've never been to one before!

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It was totally rockin'!  I'll post a blog about it over at Stormblessed some time in the next week or so.

I used to have similar dreams about Robert Jordan.  I hoped he would at least come to Utah for a signing, but he didn't as far as I know.  I was SO stoked when I learned that BWS was finishing the series because it brought my favorite series (at the time) home.  I hope he never moves  ;D

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