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Non-Rosharan proto-Radiants


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When I first read WoK, I thought that Batman would make a good Windrunner. This thread is for the discussion of anyone in any media (Including Sanderson books) whose situation and driving motivations are similar to those of an Order of Knight Radiant.

The Doctor is a prime example of what I mean. He has basically dedicated his life to protecting the innocent, but Rule Number One is that the Doctor lies.

I think that the Doctor's scarred past leads him more towards a Lightweaver, trying to bring out the best in people. However, he does need to face some more hidden character traits.

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Martha Jones is a Truthwatcher. She's very devoted to healing people (Progression), and her emotions are largely hidden, for better or worse (Illumination). She also hides her actions with the Doctor from her family, which is one of the characteristics of a Truthwatcher; the order is said to have been formed entirely by those who never spoke or wrote of what they did, causing frustration for the people around them

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