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So in BoM, near the end the "Rep Rip" is mentioned as being in the sky. I think this could have something to do with Trell, given that it is depicted as surrounding the planet and its Immortals have red eyes.

It's even mentioned twice, one on page 84: "By the starlight- which was bright tonight, with no clouds and the Rep Rip low on the horizon-..."

and in the Epilogue, in the Wax section, right before he looks at the memory:

"...though the skyscraper was tall enough he thought he could see stars and the Rep Rip through that mist..."

At the very least, this is a new feature of Scadrial's sky that I don't think has been mentioned before.

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"It is a swatch of stars that glow a deep red in contrast to the twinkling white stars across the rest of the sky."

Yeah, that's probably it. At least it's a further thing for Scadrial's and Roshar's proximity.

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