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Cosmere puzzles

Guy Srinivasan

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Last year I wrote some puzzles for the Microsoft Puzzle Hunt. They're Cosmere-themed and I thought I'd share them here. Some of these puzzles are not easy, but they're certainly orders of magnitude easier than figuring out some of the encodings in the Stormlight Archive we've seen accomplished on these forums!


Each puzzle has a single word or very short phrase answer. The four Shardworld puzzles feed into the meta puzzle named Cosmere. The most startable is probably Roshar, the easiest overall is probably Nalthis.


I'll answer questions, clarify, and give answer confirmations spoilered in this thread.


(If you enjoy crazy puzzles and want to help me out by beta testing some, I'm writing more for this year's hunt, though they're not Sanderson themed. PM me if interested. This year's are... more straightforward.)


Folder with PDFs and a zip of all PDFs: https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=0BwYx-fx5mJcaYUxXczZZVDZJZlk&usp=sharing


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