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The Well of Ascension


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Hey everyone, 


I have loved the Sanderson books for years now, and owned many versions of his books; however, I recently decided to begin collecting the First Edition/First Printing of the Cosmere. Acquiring these hasn't been a huge headache, with the exception of The Well of Ascension. I can't find it anywhere! 


So, I'm here for help. If anyone knows of an online vendor with a copy, you happen to have seen one I missed on eBay, or have one yourself you would be willing to part with, please let me know! 





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I thought I got my first editions from his online store, but now I am thinking that I got them as gifts and they might not be first editions!!! Now that will be all I can think about until I get home from work!


How did that work out for you? A lot of his on the store are first edition/first printings, but some of the older ones aren't the first printing. :( Hope yours are good!

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