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Bavadin: breaker of the Oathpact and cause of the Recreance


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This is a collaboration theory between myself and Silverblade5. So next time you see him, give a virtual high-five! (Or an upvote ^_^ )

So the main idea of the theory is this: Odium is not the opposite of Honor. Instead, Autonomy is. Honor, from what we've seen, binds things together, mainly through oaths. On the other hand, Autonomy seeks to make things free. So:

  • We know Odium could work with another Shard, if he was in control
  • A Vessel can to some extent filter their Shard's intent
  • The Heralds were tortured in between the Desolations in an attempt to break them.
So I propose this: It wasn't Odium doing the torturing, it was Autonomy, attempting the use his Intent to help free Odium by freeing the Heralds from the Oathpact. Autonomy also attempted to free the KR, because they were bound by their oaths and therefore not Autonomous. This led to the Recreance. We don't have enough information yet to understand how the Recreance occurred, only who caused it.

What do you guys think?


I'm planning on asking Brandon about this at the Calamity signing, so I'll post how that goes.

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I keep seeing people jamming Odium and Autonomy into the worlds most terrifying tag team, and it just doesn't make sense for Rayse to keep working with Bavadin. But, one antonym for honor is odium. Another is disobey. So is it possible that Honor has two opposites, instead of a cut and clean one like Preservation and Ruin?

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