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The Seventh Land

King's Twit

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So, I'm going to predicate this with a caveat that what I'm about to say is probably not true, but it is an interesting coincidence.


Ym, if you've forgotten, is one of the characters with an Interlude POV in Words of Radiance. He is the cobbler who asks for the stories of people as payment for his services. He is most notable as the first on-page victim of Nale and for his story of the One becoming Many.


When talking with the urchin in his Interlude chapter, Ym mentions something that seems to be a part of the Iriali religion that I found interesting.



"I accept no god. You should accept no god. We are Iriali, and part of the Long Trail, of which this is the Fourth Land."


He then goes on to say in the next paragraph:



Eventually, all will be gathered back in--when the Seventh Land is attained--and we will once again become One."


Now, this might be because I'm half out of my mind with the flu, but I think that this is a hint from Brandon.


The Iriali are currently in the Fourth Land. Roshar is the fourth Shardworld introduced in the published novels.


What, then, is the Seventh Land? I would guess Yolen.


I'm going to stop now, because I'm tired of having to think, but I would like to hear the thoughts of others on this.


I'm likely wrong, but I do think that there is something significant here, and I thought that maybe suggesting what I thought might prompt someone to come up with other possible explanations.

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That would make a lot of sense, actually. Taldain would be the fifth, once White Sand is out this summer, and Ashyn(?) the sixth, if/when he gets around to publishing Silence Divine.


Although I guess Aether of Night is back in play, after this last State of the Sanderson. Hmm.


And this is of course discounting planets introduced in novellas, so no First of the Sun or Threnody.

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Does this mean that most of the Shards are on 7 worlds? And the rest are minor worlds that don't have as much significance?

Actually there is 10 Major Shardworld.

A Major Shardworld is defined as " World with some number of Shards".

A minor Shardworld is a World without Shardic power.


As far as we know the only "easy" world to put in the Ten Essence table is Scadrial that surelly is the 8th world.

Some other have "probably" place in the Essence's table but not so sure like Scadrial (and of course Roshar)

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Actually there is 10 Major Shardworld.


Do we know what all of them are? And do we have WoB that there really are ten? I've never heard of that before.

1) Sel

2) Nalthis

3) Scadrial

4) Roshar

5) Taldain

6) Aether of Night world? Vax?

7) Yolen (likely)

8) Braize

9) ?

10) ?

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If I don't remember wrong the only WoB about Shardic Presence on the system is about "Ashyn, Roshar and Braize is the only planet in the Greater Roshar with Shardic Influence".

But we can't say if on Ashyn there is some Shard or maybe in the past Honor or Cultivation was there before to going on Roshar.

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