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Totally random and crazy theory for me, but here goes...


What if we have been looking at this the wrong way, and the Death of Adonalsium wasn't the big bad event we all think it is?


What if Rayse is, for all intent and purpose, the 'good guy', trying to do his best to avoid Adonalsium being reformed, and this is why he is so terrified of Sazed? As the Vessel of two Shards, he is the closest being to Adonalsium since the Shattering...


Break it apart!

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It is a theory that fits Brandon's style of the villains really thinking they are in the right on what is going on. We have only seen glimpses of Odium through visions and his effect on the parshendi and others. He is very much like Sauron, but on a less local level. Like Sauron however, we see his influence. Hatred and malice. As Sauron's taint and corruption was evident in the affect the ring had, so too does Odium. And, according to Hoid, It's shard bearer is not a saint.

I suspect that Odium is very much like Ruin, a natural force. But where Ruin was merely doing it's job of performing entropy, Odium creates Hatred, feeding off of it and making more.

Either way, I agree that Sazed is probably a high priority issue for Odium. I have my suspicions that the Set in Mistborn era 2 are being controlled by The Scadrian equivalent of Voidbringers, working under the control of the encroaching Odium.

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