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So crazy off the wall thought.


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Has there ever been a WoB that it really was Odium that killed Aona and Skai and splintered their shards?  


Because I just had a crazy idea form in my head.


Odium was framed,  and Hoid was in fact the one that did it.


Trying to be vague but a little spoilery here.

We know now what happened to Adonalsium.  Hoid had a problem with this and the 16 that did it.  We can see that having just one intent seems to create problems for the shards and leads them to do great harm to the humans they encounter.  


We know that Hoid has been gathering magic from all the shardworlds.  He is gaining power.  


If all the shards were splintered and Hoid held power from every magic system in the cosmere,  (with the likely compounding that could be hacked into all of them)  He'd likely be the most powerful being in the cosmere.


So now he's waiting and working in the shadows.  Framing Odium,  and building his power up till he can strike again.

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Rayse, on the other hand, was among the most loathsome, crafty, and dangerous individuals I had ever met.

He holds the most frightening and terrible of all the Shards. Ponder on that for a time, you old reptile, and tell me if your insistence on nonintervention holds firm. Because I assure you, Rayse will not be similarly inhibited.

One need only look at the aftermath of his brief visit to Sel to see proof of what I say.

In case you have turned a blind eye to that disaster, know that Aona and Skai are both dead, and that which they held has been Splintered. Presumably to prevent anyone from rising up to challenge Rayse.

(from the Letter)




How long before the events of Elantris did Odium kill Aona/Devotion and Skai/Dominion?

Brandon Sanderson

Same time as the origins of the Seons.


Check 7 and 16 in the link (don't know how to link it properly)

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Check 7 and 16 in the link (don't know how to link it properly)


You mean #7 and #16? :) (Note, they're both #7 in their respective entries, they're only #7 and #16 in your search. If you want to permalink you have to go to the relevant signing page iirc, then just tag #(number of question) onto the end of the URL in your browser to jump the browser to the relevant anchor when you link it here.

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Check 7 and 16 in the link (don't know how to link it properly)

So I discounted the letter that you quoted in my above thoughts because it's in theory written by Hoid.  To me if Hoid was up to no good would mean that you couldn't trust anything he wrote to be factual.  However the WoB that you found seems to say that my crazy idea is wrong.  

I still don't trust Hoid though.  He's up to something and I don't think it will be good.  Maybe I'm just channeling my inner Vin too much with this.

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Hoid does have ulterior motives and is willing to do anything for them, but he seems to be doing it in a way that avoids causing any more harm than is absolutely neccisary, and he seems to believe that everything he does is for the good of the Cosmere, not just for himself

Odium may also be Splintering Shards because he is afraid that Adonalsium will be reformed and he will lose his power when it happens

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