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Avast my friends, it has been too long, far too long! Six months(if my rithmatic is correct)

I hope u all remember me

Ye may all be thinkin' why I havent been active ye past 6 months, I have been working undercover for ASIS(Australian Secret Intelligence Service) in Australia as an Australian Citizen! Little do those peope know they have a spy in their midst

Enough of that


the last 6 months have been pretty breezy

I started my deviant art account

I came first in my class for a couple of subjects

I will be going into yr 9 this year

I read Warbreaker, the first Alcatraz book and The Rithmatist

And today I got a new laptop, in fact i used it to type this up


I solemnly swear I will try my best to be active this year


Enough bout me, how about u guys? Get me up to speed to what has happened while i was......busy

I assume Kobold King is still whipping out forum posts like a bullet train

Its great to be back guys

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Kobold King does indeed continue to be a force of nature.  Did you know he actually got a Doctor Who theory featured in the Radio Times?

Wow good for him! i had no idea


Well, until very recently I was posting all over the Shard. Now I'm stuck with homework and I am currently on homework hiatus due to school.

Nice to meet you btw.

Happens to the best of us.Nice to meet u too


Would you like a welcome back cookie? I trust you know what it is...

Depends, does it have choc chips?(jks i know what u mean) 


Another fellow Australian!


Welcome back.

Its good to be back


Seeing as I did not mention this before (not sure if its still the norm)

I am a stick?

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