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(*This is inspired on Kobold's thread. Feel free to upvote him, althought I feel he doens't really need it at this point.

This:(**) means out of character.


Dreamer, I do not know what tides carried you here from your time and world, nor do I divine why the engines of fate have brought you to me, but please rest calm. I may be a monster in the eyes of some, but I will not hurt you.

My name is Iluinirumave, meaning "subtle shift of the tide", although most call me Ilui. I was once a mage, a scholar, and perhaps even a hero. I was also a cannibal sorceress, more shadow than flesh, more monster than person. Now, I quietly sleep below earth and sea, waiting for the day humanity reclaims their homeland far beyond the stars.

I've learned much in my sleep, walking throught shadows of memories, but I am not divine, and most of what I know comes from the times of the Second Age, before the rising and fall of Saint Temã, and is about the Eastern Half and the Princedoms of Creizem, home of the vaults that guard dangerous relics of magics of dream and flame, both ancient and new.

Wait, I feel another mind manifest...

I... I am sorry if I disrupted, but I could not avoid feeling summoned by this. Maybe it is because of the nature of my soul, but I was called, and I think I now must answer as well.

Very... very well. I think it would be good to hear from other times and places.

Thank you, master Ilui. I am from the Third Age, being comtemporary to the restauration of Temã, although I don't think I should speak too much about that specific event.

I was born in Imeriz, capital of the Imeric Empire, but if I had to call any place my home, it would be the Cireze Dominion, built on the ashen ruins of the Creizem Princedoms. More specificaly the city of Tevirre, know as the second capital of the Empire for good reasons.

You can call me Guivere, althought my father calls me Zenith-37. I am a failed prototype of divinity turned spy. I feel qualified to answer your questions, and mildly inclined to do so.

(*Try to restrain your questions to worldbuilding and the characters themselves, not plot, ok?*)

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A few questions for Ilui:


What sorts of magical feats were you capable of as a mage?


Why did you become a cannibal? You've gotta know you can get prions that way, right?


Would humanity reclaiming their homeland beyond the stars benefit you? If not, why do you seem to desire it?

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A few questions for Ilui:

What sorts of magical feats were you capable of as a mage?

Why did you become a cannibal? You've gotta know you can get prions that way, right?

Would humanity reclaiming their homeland beyond the stars benefit you? If not, why do you seem to desire it?

My magic is know as dark or dream magic, and can be used by any human or kivir that for some reason had their essence "broken", it involves using information, generaly in the form of descriptions and representations, to alter or create objects and beings. It also allows one to tap into shadows of the past.

I am specialized in using said magic for shapeshifting. Generaly doing so is impossible, but there is a ritual that dissociates the matter of a human's body from its form.

Unfortunately, that means I am kept together by my own magic, and the information used to mantain the spell, the image of my body in my own mind, decays with time. So to not become a deformed, insane monster, I must find fresh corpses and use them to restore said information.

So... you eat corpses to restore information? Human magic is fascinating in all the wrong ways.

No! And... yes. It is a complicated process. But in most people's eyes, I am a face stealing cannibal. There are methods that allow me to slow the decay, and while I was awake I never had to kill people to "eat" them, but... I admit I probably wouldn't be able to control myself if I had to.

About our homeland... It... It is our faith, our purpose, given by the vanguard as we left the heavenships. Why wouldn't I want to see it fufilled?

(*before you ask, yes I used the kandra as inspiration*)

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Zenith-37, you say you are a failed prototype of divinity turned spy. If you can, could you detail what this means?

I will try, altought I'd prefer you called me by my other name. Having a number for a name is a... shameful thing for me.

The first thing you must know is that I am not a human. I am a zenith. If I had to choose one of the three races to call my own, it would be the telens, for we were made from them, and are outwardly indistinguible from them.

I... we, the zeniths... we see the Emperor as our father, because he was the one who shaped us, but in truth, we are the fruit of a century long breeding program, mutated by exposure to controlled etheric frequencies. Althought the purpose of our creation remains a secret even for me, I managed to pierce some information outside of my father's vision.

The Emperor, he is the god of flame, he holds the Axis of Rebirth, watching over the eternal Whell of reincarnation all beings with souls go through.

But what about humans and kivir? And most animals? And chimeras? Beings that go throught the whell are the exception, aren't they?.

Actualy master Ilui, all of your exemples... is there any way of saying this that won't give you the wrong idea? All of your exemples are of souless beings.

Humans are souless.

Well, yes. The current definition of souls as etheric constructs excludes you.

Wonderful. Then I guess all those times I contacted the shadows of the dead were hallucinations?

I... no. Souls are different from shadows or minds. They are more... substantial. Like a second body made of ether. Humans are almost void of ether, because of their lack of connection to the Maker. But their minds remain after death as shadows.

I think it would be best to return to your creation. We shouldn't be arguing about semantics right now

... very well. After much research, I arrived to the conclusion that the Emperor wished to create more Axis of Rebirth. Why he would want to do that, I cannot say.

The project went on with no great disturbances, but was not a total sucess. The forty zeniths created were taught the arts of rulership and piromancy, trained in the ways of politic and warfare, and tested by the overseeing scientists as they grew, each one prepared in case he or she showed signs of being capable of divinity.

After years of effort, only I was judged as having a soul fitting the parameters estabilished by the Emperor himself, and was chosen to stand in his presence to take hold of a small part of the Whell in order to be shaped by its flow, like a river carves paths in a mountain. Unfortunately, he had miscalculated.

I almost died, and He felt pain for what was most likely the first time since his Ascension. More than that, my body was broken. Outwardly, I miss a leg, half my left hand, and have many scars. Inwardly, I was blinded to the flow of the ether, and am unable to shape it counciously anymore.

All telens are able to summon flame and movement, and use the more exotic piromancy to touch minds and souls. My zenith siblings are able to cloak themselves in illusions. I can't even sense the ether of other people in the room. And unlike a human, I cannot used the Dark Art.

However, not all was lost. After the failure of the zenith project, my siblings were turned into agents of the Imperial Information Agency due tontheir talents, and while my experience took some of them away from me, it also made my soul capable of ressonating with the Emperor's more easily, and pick its etheric transmissions, with the right tools.

So I was turned into his emissary, articulating his agents and reporting directly and instantly to him from critical locations. And currently, there are no locations more critical than Tevirre.

(*This was long. Too long. I am starting to worry.*)

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Apologies, Guivere. A few more questions:


1. Physically, what does a zenith look like? (Sorry if you've said this and I missed it). 


2. Why are you ashamed of being called Zenith -37? Is it due to you being a prototype, or perhaps because it gives you no self-identity? 


3. Was the name Guivere given to you by The Emperor, or did you chose it yourself?

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There is no need to apologise, I've been called much worse things than my official name before. It is just that being called zenith-37 is a reminder that I am a tool, a exotic piece of pyromantic enginnering who looks like a telen. Sometimes I wonder what would become of me if my father figured out a form of long-range instant communication more efficient than telegraphs.

My name was choosen by myself, after one of my teachers. I wonder what he would think of it. My father never called me anything other than "mortal", or "37" when I upset him in some way.

As for the way a zenith looks like, we are externaly indistinguible from telens.

We have a body configuration and general proportions almost identical to humans. The size of some bones and position of some muscles vary slightly, but not in a considerable way. We are on avarage smaller than humans, and height variations are smaller. We also rarely acumulate fat, and our muscular mass varies less compared to how active our lifestyles are.

Despite being smaller, we are much heavier than similar sized humans. We incorporate much metal in our bodies, you see, and have denser tissues. This makes us very resistent, but also renders us unable to swim and fast movements exaust us faster.

Our skin is grey, generaly varying from almost white to leaden, and some in individuals the tone may vary slightly in different body parts. Males often have thin lines curving along their faces, colored either slightly lighter than their skin, if it is dark, or slightly darker if it is light.

It is also thicker and less flexible than that of humans, and must be sanded* regularly to not grow a brittle metalic carapace where pathogenic fungi can trive. When properly tended, our skin gives off a silvery shine in the right light, and displaying it is often a sign of wealth.

The only fur that grows on our bodies are our eyelashes, and most see the habit humans have of taking care of and shaping their hair to be eccentric at best.

Other than the previously mentioned lines or "strips" some males have, telens, and by extension zeniths, have much less pronounced sexual dimorphism than humans, and many of your kind have trouble telling males and females of our kind apart.

Our eyes can be copper-red, blood-red, violet or dark grey, from most common to least common, and are similar in structure to those of humans, but have more trouble seeing in the dark.


*Not sure if it is the right word. Had to use google translator. "Sanded" just sounds weird.


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What exactly is the piromancy that you mention?

It is an... art of the telens. Or a gift of the maker. Or a very esoteric science. Or a more subtle application of white magic.

It is based on the reading and manipulation of etheric waves, and has its name because most of its tools and procedures are based on patterns in ethereal flames.

It has many uses, one of which is the manipulation of souls and the bodies they inhabit. The zenith project was the greatest feat of piromancy I know of.

Can it affect human souls?

If... if we use the pre-empire definition of souls, that is closer to the idea of "immortal minds", no. If we use the current definition, humans don't have them. Currently, some want to return to the old definition.

As I was saying, it also has other uses. There are treatments outwardly similar to acupulture that can change how the energy in a telen's soul flows throught their body, allowing a precise control of metabolism and body temperature, localized supression of the nervous system, and even more exotic procedures, such as slowed aging, etherically induced cryogeny or inducing ilduric catalysis.

They don't know what that means.

Oh. Sorry.

Ildur is the name we give to the natural abilities of telens to create fire, both normal and ethereal, light and movenent, and to reshape stone and metal with enough time and pratice. These abilities can have their potency permanently increased in a process called ilduric catalysis, but channeling them above the natural threshold damages the body of the pratitioner, specialy the periferic nervous system.

Since we are talking about it, ildur is the transference of energy from ether to matter, while pyromancy is the transference of energy from ether to ether throught waves.

It can also be used to find the location of people, objects and places, if you have three samples that where not long ago physically part of said object or being. The waves created from burning the samples on ethereal flames will ressonate with the ethereal aspect of the object or being being tracked, and a wave will be sent back. Properly trained pyromancers can feel the distance between themselves abd the source and find the location throught triangulation. Surprisingly, due to its mostly passive nature the only souls involved are those of the pyromancers doing the burning and "listening" to the answer.

Finally, it can deliver information almost instantly. Little progress has been made in long range communication so far, because of the amount of interference the Whell of reincarnation causes, but short range telegraph networks have taken over the biggest cities in the Empire.

Of course, my telepathic connection to the Emperor, and the Avatars he sometimes forms, are exceptions to the rule.

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