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Skaa: Tin & Ash released


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I like it. There are some typos and at least one stunt that doesn't function properly, but these elements are far eclipsed by the awesomeness, in my view.


There are networks, far more than in the Terris Supplement, many of which have some severe coolness to them and even whole sections devoted to explaining the background and context of the network.


There are enough Skaa stunts to make being Skaa about equivalent to being a Misting in terms of the amount of stunts it makes available to you. A physical metal Misting, that is; the Physical Metals have the most Stunts and there are more Skaa stunts than most of those (if you don't have AoL), but still less stunts than Tin.


It is also neat that some of the stunts are limited by background (Plantation Skaa, City Skaa, Canal Skaa). Hot tip: play Plantation Skaa, take both Plantation Stunts and then you don't have to worry about burdens anymore! Although that means missing out on Urban Runner, my favourite stunt of the lot (City only). Headcanon: parkour.


It includes another adventure, which brings the total premade adventures for the system to 2.5 ("Beasts of Burden", "Justice, like Ash", and "Of Wits and Canes").


At present I've made (but not played with) several Skaa characters including new material, and I've made (but not played with) a noble character and a Terris character, both inspired by the new material. The Terrisman is living concealed among the Skaa, and the Noble is sympathetic to the Skaa and facing the collapse of his house, so he has a bunch of "servants" who are actually a thieving crew using his house (both physical and as a political entity) as a front and protection.


Kurk is running Beasts of Burden, the adventure, over on Steel Ministry but I'm not going to watch it because I want to play it myself sometime (there weren't enough slots to accomodate me, unfortunately).



EDIT: There's so much I want to say! But getting it in a logical order is proving difficult. Does anyone want to ask any questions about the supplement? I might not answer certain things (like... what is the exact wording on such and such a stunt) but I'm happy to clarify things or give an idea of what's in it.

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