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Not as many as I want to!

But as far as I know, all Sanderson works except for Alcatraz, Infinity Blade, Legion Skin Deep and some of the short works that are not so easy to obtain in Germany, especially if you do not have an eBook reader…

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I see. That is difficult. I haven't read the last two Alcatraz books, either, or Infinity Blade. But I do recommend at least trying to get the Cosmere short stories, because they are excellent. I think it's possible that Dangerous Women might be around somewhere, so you could maybe at least read Shadows for Silence in the Forests of Hell. Sixth of the Dustk/Shadows Beneath might be a little more difficult.

There are also some short stories online, which you might have seen.

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Sixth of the Dustk/Shadows Beneath are the Comsmere ones missing^^

The rest of them(I guess?) I found online and it is always like:

"Why don't you have all of them in a book, for sale? I would love to pay for them but instead I have to read them online for free!"

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