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Eli Monpress, anyone?


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well, I haven't seen the Eli books mentioned here, so I was wondering if anyone has read them and what their thoughts were...

The Legend of Eli Monpress is a fantasy series by Rachel Aaron, with three books - The Spirit Thief, the Spirit Rebellion and The Spirit Eater. The story is continued in the series called The Revenge of Eli Monpress (or something like that), with the two books Spits War and Spirits End

(not sure if I have the whole two-series thing right tho, its a bit confusing...)


anyway, I, personally, enjoyed them a lot, and am excited to buy Spirits War, which I havent read yet. However, when I googled them, I found quite a lot of reviews which said they found the books "bad" or "eh" or "okayish"


your opinions?

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